Bounce Back

What is Bounce Back ?

This is a Course crafted for those who are aiming for 2022 and for those who want to follow an application based Intense Training Programme from Lead IAS.

This is an Integrated Course of ,

1.Prelims Killer 3.0 : A feature rich Training Initiative with 33 Mock Tests.

  • 33 Mock Test
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Logic Training Classses
  • Revision Classes on Priority Areas
  • UPSC Classics

2.Momentum 3.0 : Adequately Spaced writing Programme with On-Screen Comparative evaluation.

  • 16 Tests with Explanations
  • 3 Essay Tests
  • Toppers Questions & Key
  • Daily Answer writing
  • On-Screen Comparative Evaluation
  • Syllubus Briefing

3.Current Affairs Module : Assignment Based Prelims Topic coverage and Weekly mains Current Affairs Classes.

  • Daily Microclass
  • 10-12 Assignments Daily
  • Revision Tests everyday
  • Weekly mains current affairs classes
  • Prelims Coverage till April 15
  • Mains Coverage till September 2022

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