Prelims Killer Test Series

Know About the Programme

Course Objective:

To provide you the advanced training techniques and knowledge required to clear UPSC Prelims 2022.

Course Pedagogy:

An aspirant-centric approach that addresses each and every issue faced by a student through tests, mentorship, classes and through a set of innovative training methods such as elimination technique training and prelims simulators.


We have deployed the best prelims experts in TVM for explanations and mentorship supports. They have impeccable record in tackling prelims exam.


32 GS Tests, 8 CSAT Tests, Answer Keys, Explanation Sessions and a set of premium features.

Premium Features

1. Elimination Technique Training:

Each student is asked to select a training cohort for one month. In this cohort, aspirants are given 25 questions daily to practice and logical explanations are provided by mentors who had cleared Prelims consecutively not successively. These mentors are allotted to a small group of students during the training period.

2. Masters Brief

Session on important areas for each subject and previous year trend analysis one week before each test.

3. Roundtable Discussions

Discussion session of most difficult 10 questions with your assigned mentor after each test


A powerful training programme covering past six years questions in depth and breadth.

5. Prelims Simulator:

Few of the test explanations will be provided in a simulated way to understand an expert's handling of the question paper. This will help you in doing questions in rounds, stress management etc.

6. Lead IAS Mobile App:

The app will have facilities to know your test wise, subject wise, and even topic wise analysis of performance. The app will Indicate whether you are safe or need to restudy the topics.

7. GS Revision Classes:

Revision classes in the month of May to revise most important topics for GS.

8. Revision Tests

Since revision is an important aspect in UPSC Prelims, the strategically placed revision tests of core subjects will help you revise the topics you have covered so far and catch up on the missed portions if any.

Starts on January First Week, 2023
Fee Rs : 8500 /-
For More Details, Contact: 8592946560

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