Lead Prime Course

What is Lead PRIME?

Lead PRIME is the flagship coaching programme of Lead lAS to empower each civil service aspirant to realise their dream career. It aims to sharpen the skills of the candidates and to enrich their knowledge base through an activity oriented curriculum.

New Batch Start Date: 18 January, 2023

Course Details

  • 800+ Hours of Classes:
    • Focus equally on foundation and application of knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Learning Materials:
    • Cover all syllabus in a learning friendly manner.
  • Answer Writing Workshop every week
    • An unique feature focussing on the most essential skills for exam
  • Persuasive Mentorship:
    • Keep up all the aspirants moti-vated and directed throughout.
  • Holistic Training:
    • Integration with Prelims Killer and Mains Killer Test Series
Where To Find Us
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